Warzone 2: Resurgence Mode Trailer Reveals All The Exciting New Details

The resurgence mode had already been announced by Activision Blizzard to Call of Duty: War zone 2.0. In his official announcement it has been confirmed that he will return to the second season of the game, along with a new map named Ashoka Island on Feuary 15.


Resurgence mode in War zone 2

The resurgence mode will go to Call of Duty: War zone 2.0 on Feuary 15, free of charge.

As previously confirmed on social networks, the Rebirth Island map will not really be present, but we will be attended by a new one. War zone Caldera's resurgence mode had a different functioning. It was similar to the traditional Battle Royale, but with fewer players, always solo and the possibility of reborn. There are not many details on how it will work in War zone 2.0, and it is not possible to predict whether they will be drastic changes or follow the predecessor line. Everything indicates that it will be similar to War zone Caldera. The new season will ing some news, so it is possible that the mode count on weapons, vehicles and even exclusive perks, but nothing official has been confirmed. Nor is it known if the resurgence mode will ing exclusive rewards that other maps do not ing.

Ashoka Island The new map of War zone 2

While the map of War zone Caldera was called Rebirth Island, the War zone 2.0 is called Ashoka Island. There is not much official information about the operation of this map, but rumors have been around the internet since last year. The first crucial information is that it can contain up to 50 players. It would not be a very large map, but it would be full of places to hide and protect yourself from enemies. Underground areas that resemble caves are also present in the animation. In the official video you can see that it has aquatic environments and vehicles, such as boats and cars. As confirmed in the leaks (article has already been linked above), it contains a village full of homes, which will serve as a shelter.


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