Twitch Psychology with Starwraith: Live Therapy and INQ on International Day of Psychology

Twitch has opened the door for new 'traditional' worlds and away from the world of video games have a place on this platform and have another point of view. One of them is the world of psychology, either by the creators of content or psychologists who help these to create content, as is the case that we are going to expose below. On the occasion of the International Day of Psychology, we have chatted with Star wraith, creator of content for Team Heretics and who has made several dynamics with a live psychologist. This format has worked very well on its channel and has helped many users of your chat to ask for help from professionals and better understand yourself and the emotions you have to drive on a day-to-day basis.

How do these talks arise?

Every time comes to the chat an anonymous person to tell their problems directly, and I realized that on Twitch, when this issue comes out, more people come out who are going through a bump. At that time, I thought that with a Support of a psychologist who knows and is very professional and continues to form today, and who is able to give several prisms to these problems we could help these people. What I did was talk about my life when I was 15 years old, who was at school and talked about my experience with bullying. We manage it as a real live session, so that, in a certain way, we would help people who have a problem of this type. It is true that he had acceptance (although there is also a certain morbidity to see these problems), and we made it a series, where we made several dynamics from December 2021 to September last year. Every two or three months we try to make a live, although it is difficult to square the agenda. We have treated many things. Problems openly with people asking in a generic way to have a little privacy and that she responds, the dark triad of personality, anxiety... honestly has had good acceptance and the vast majority of times that I have gone to events, people thanked this content and how we have talked openly about these live issues.

Psychology, a taboo on Twitch and on networks

Although things have improved and advanced in this matter, Star considers that there is even more advances in this aspect: I think it is not as taboo as it is. Every time I see less people who simplify a more serious problem such as depression or anxiety I think there is more awareness at the level that everyone talks about it, but I still see that at the time of truth, when someone close or has such a problem, it is still minimizing, with comments of you are fine, you don't do Nothing or you have to go to the psychologist...

I also see the opposite pole, situations in which there are people who hide behind that shield that everyone makes mistakes because it is wrong and yet people shield it, even if someone has committed an ethical or moral lack. This is a double-edged sword, and you have to truly meet the person to know if he is going through something. In the world of networks, in the end almost everything is anonymous and only the cover of the book is shown. Finally, and speaking on a personal level, in which he went through a bad time at the personal level after leaving Riot, he tells us what these people who are going through these problems should do: The only thing I could say, because each person is a World, is that everything goes out and that hope in improving is the last thing to miss. In the end, I was in a situation that I thought I would be like this forever, I was crazy that I was not going to get out of that situation. Much of what made me out is to explain what I suffered and why I felt like that. Reaching those states of anxiety or depression are in the end beliefs or occurrences that have collapsed as we think is life or as we think it should be. This is a matter of adapting and returning to readjust those beliefs. This comes out, obviously, and it is simply a matter that if you cannot for yourself, you find professional help that is related to you. Because there are people who have not worked with a psychologist, and they need to look for another, but other people have worked for them.


In the end it is like going to a doctor in this regard. You have to find a person who can help you, and in the vast majority of cases, with a good therapy it would be enough to get out of the bump. From MGG we thank Star for his time for open talk and completely these issues that for many creators or foot people are still taboos.


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