Quitting Netflix: What I Learned After Cutting The Cord And Saying Goodbye To Subscription Streaming

When Netflix started in Germany more than 8 years back, it was fascinating. A couple of months previously, I had actually bought the first Chromecast from the USA for an increased rate, which was formally not sold in Germany at the time to make my old television Smart by streaming stick. So I was all set to finally delight in popular Netflix series hits from the USA comfortably at house, which I had the ability to look over for in the past. I right away finished the Netflix membership on the day of the Germany launch, that was in autumn 2014. In fall 2022, after a very 8 years of running, I ended my membership to Netflix for the very first time. Ever since I have just reactivated it as soon as for a month due to the fact that I actually wished to see a specific series, however after that it was completely over. I simply have the snout complete of Netflix.

Netflix is becoming increasingly pricey

There are several factors for my Netflix disappointment. Very basic: the price has actually increased over the years. Given that I have a 55-inch 4K/HDR TV on the wall, I would obviously like to take pleasure in the best possible image quality. Means: The essential premium membership now costs a proud 18 euros. When I upgraded the large Netflix membership on the occasion of the purchase of my current television, the rate was still a few euros lower, namely around 14 euros. That remained in 2019, so it wasn't either long back. The rate for this must even have actually been less than 10 euros when I subscribed to the basic plan in autumn 2014.

Netflix hates account sharing

Well, then you can share your subscription, some will now state. That is proper, but Netflix is currently working towards the account sharing with full vigor and would like to money in a lot quickly if you share your subscription. Maybe not either, the huge criticism of the strategies is obviously already forcing Netflix to be a very flimsy apology on the weekend. If the US business were working more on the quality of the unique material instead or a minimum of at the exact same time, then I would even be great with the user-unfriendly sharing and the high price policy. At the exact same time, a growing number of non-exclusive material roam away from Netflix and towards the more youthful streaming services such as Disney Plus.

I don't miss out on Netflix utilized to be inexpensive, really broad and good.

None of this still applies today. For wonderful series like The Last of the United States or Euphoria, I get the series membership at WoW (Sky) sporadically for a month. Classics that I always like to view are now majority at Disney Plus: Simpsons, Fukuyama, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mom and Co. The costly Netflix subscription is just no longer worth it. The constant rate boosts and almost hazards against account-sharer do not make Netflix more likeable. And after a couple of months without a Netflix subscription, I discovered: I don't miss it.


By the way, the only exception was Wednesday. However, I have also been a big fan of the Addams Family-Anste given that childhood. In the past 4 months without a Netflix membership, I have tempted me to the streaming service. How are you with Netflix? Do you also have your nose complete now? To house page Share remarks 4 in Twitter Share Post


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