Pre-Order Now - Discover All Editions, Content, Prices, Bonuses & For Whom They're Worth in Destiny 2: Lightfall

Fate 2: Nightfall comes just like his 2 previous huge LCS with numerous editions, rates and associated benefits. So that you do not dig too deeply into your pocket and do not understand which edition suits you, we discuss all pre-ordering editions in information. Can you pre-order? Given That the Nightfall Reveal on August 23, 2022, Bungee has opened the sales switch. Ever since, you can buy the brand-new expansion on various platforms and marketplaces and thus pre-order solely.

Each edition has its price and depending on what you desire, it is greater or lower. We now reveal you all the editions in detail what they contain, which bonus offers you get and for which keeper they are worth.

Destiny 2: Nightfall Requirement Edition

The edition consists of the following material: New project + famous mode Brand-new power: strand New raid New exotic devices Season 20 Immediate exemptions when purchasing: Special famous Nightfall badge An exotic spirit For if it deserves the edition? This basic edition is especially worthwhile for gamers who just wish to play the DLC and the first season of Nightfall. If you are unsure whether bungee can encourage yourself with Nightfall, then prefer to conserve your cash and attempt Nominal first with this edition. Can you pre-order/buy here: PS Shop for EUR 49.99 Steam for EUR 49.99 MS Store for EUR 49.99 Legendary Shop for EUR 49.99

Fate 2: Nightfall Yearly Pass Edition

  • New campaign + legendary mode
  • Brand-new power: strand
  • New raid
  • New unique equipment
  • Season 20, 21, 22 and 23
  • Nightfall dungeon secret for 2 dungeons in year 6 Immediate exemptions when ordering:
  • The automated rifle mercury storm
  • The weapon and goodies are right away offered and can for that reason be gotten in the tower at Master School instantly after the yearly pass edition has been pre-ordered?
  • Mercury storm catalyst plus decoration
  • An unique sparrow
  • School's secret hiding location X4 (one per season).
  • Exclusive famous Nightfall badge.
  • An unique spirit.
  • An exotic gesture. For if it is worth the edition? The annual pass edition is more worthwhile for players who make certain that they will take in all the seasons and content of buggies latest DLC. With this edition you are taken care of by the next DLC The last form and do not need to worry about any further costs. You can also do it directly into the dungeons and for that reason do not need to purchase anything about it for the whole DLC year for Nightfall. Can you pre-order/buy here:?
  • PS Store for EUR 99.99.
  • Steam for EUR 99.99.
  • MS Store for EUR 99.99.
  • Legendary Shop for EUR 99.99.

Fate 2: Nightfall Collectors Edition.

  • Everything from the annual pass edition.
  • In addition a digital Destiny 2: Nightfall Soundtrack.
  • An 8-inch Polka replica figure with LED lights and stands.
  • A lead tradition book.
  • A letter from Naval.
  • Also a small lithography.
  • Vinyl sticker.
  • Plus exclusive collectors' edition emblem.


Immediate exemptions when ordering:. Similar to the annual pass edition. For if it deserves the edition? The Collectors Edition is mainly meant for collectors who like to put figures and keepsakes in the kind of books and idea arts. Gamers who study the lore could likewise discover their favor with such goodies. Nevertheless, note that the supplied being called Polka can not restore you. Its origins, its purpose and future might play a role in Nightfall. Can you pre-order/buy here:? Bungee Shop for EUR 294.99 for PS4/PS5. Bungee Store for EUR 294.99 for Steam. Bungee Store for EUR 294.99 for Xbox. Bungee Store for EUR 294.99 for Impressive Games. Bungee Store for EUR 177.00 without code. These were all essential details about the available Nightfall editions, how much they cost and what they contain. What about you? Have you already pre-ordered among these editions or do you prefer to wait before treating yourself to Nightfall? Let us find out in the comments how you stand and whether you will find the threatening animal of Elisabeth Bray cool! Fate 2 Nightfall: RAID-everything at the start and what you need to know.


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