Naughty Dog Postpones 'The Last Of Us Part I' PC Launch To Deliver Best Possible Experience

The Last of Us Part I will not be on the PC on March 3rd. In order to grant the very best possible state, Naughty Pet decided today to hold off March 28. Therefore, the PC gamers need to be patient for 3 and a half weeks longer than expected.

requirements must be attained

These extra weeks will enable us to guarantee that this version of the game justifies your and our requirements, writes Naughty Pet dog, to name a few things. The group has actually been completely overwhelmed by the large amount of love and support in the previous couple of weeks. Everybody in the studio values the assistance and enthusiasm of the fans and are anticipating notifying more information about the PC version.


Most likely, it is about the precise requirements that a PC has to satisfy for the display. Just a few days ago did we report that sales in Excellent Britain have increased by 238 percent. The factor for this is undoubtedly the favorable reaction to the computer game adjustment and the reach attained. With the charging of the tweet you accept the information security statement from Twitter. Find out more Load content Constantly unlock Twitter tweets Further reports on The Last of Us Part I: Not only the series-Hermen Hurst calls factor for the remake These audiovisual improvements offers the PS5 remake You haven't seen these 13 secret details yet With the HBO series, on the other hand, it continues in this country as normal on Monday. You can see the preview of the fourth episode here. Further, reports on The Last of Us Part 1.


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