Don't Nod Returns in June 2023 with Harmony: The Fall of Reverie - Parigot's New Narrative Game Examines Human Desires

Really shy because the statement last December of the action-RPG Banishes: Ghosts of New Eden, the publisher-developer Parrot intends to go back to his very first likes with a brand name brand-new narrative game which is interested in the basic desires of the mankind. Harmony: The Fall of Reverie will place us in the shoes of Polly, a young medium looking for his missing mom in the Mediterranean city of Alma. Breaking with the futuristic universe that surrounds him, our clairvoyant can desert his body envelope to sign up with reverie, an astral airplane that houses aspirations. These deities, called magnificence, bliss, power, turmoil, link and reality, embody 6 ideals capable of inspiring and directing humanity. Trapped in their everlasting battle for awareness control, Polly handles the role of harmony, a moderating goddess. To bring out his examination, he will need to reconcile the two worlds, and each dialogue is likely to tip the course of the plot. A minimum of, that's what we are assured.

Five-star band

To music, we can discover the outstanding Lena Raise, which had already made up the complex tunes of Celeste. This is maybe what deserves the most to hold our attention, as it is proficient at transcribing narrative styles with subtle musicological buildings. We can reach Harmony: The Fall of Reverie on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S from June 2023 (the precise day is still unidentified to us).



Harmony: The Fall of Reverie-Bande-Annonce


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