Celebrating 30 Million Sales: The Success Story of the Dying Light Franchise


After a year of the release of Dying Light 2 stay human, it is the party at Tech land claims more than 30 million sales associated with the dying light franchise. For the occasion, Tech land has planned a plethora of celebrations and updates for the community.

So if you don't have Dying Light 2 stay human yet, that's the opportunity!

The team continues to demonstrate its unshakable commitment to create unforgettable experiences for players from around the world we do not stop there and will continue to support the game with incredible content for the years to come-Adrian ciszewski-chief Creative Officer

These exceptional figures speak for themselves and confirm the success of the dying light franchise. We could only achieve it thanks to our formidable community. I take the opportunity to thank them once again for their great support. We have ambitious plans not only to develop and support the game more, but also to extend to other media -Oleg Klapovskiy-Director of the publication


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