A Valentine's Surprise from Supercell's Clash of Clans and Clash Royale!


Supercell's mobile strategy game Clash of Clan and Clash Royale have announced that they have been updated for the upcoming Valentine season.

Supercell unveiled information on two new skins that will be released by uploading the February season challenge: Valentine's season introduction videos through the official YouTube channel of Clash of Clan.

One of the new skins, the Beast King, can be obtained from the final reward of the Season Gold Pass, which will be updated this time. Unlike the appearance of the existing King, the beast king wields an ax instead of a knife and shows his personality.

Gold Pass, where you can get a beast king, is a pass item that can be purchased monthly, and you can get a special hero skin every month when purchasing a pass, and you can get a variety of benefits such as the increase in seasonal safes, craftsmanship boosts, research institutes, and training boosts. In addition, if you have a gold pass, you can get a large amount of resources and magic items that can be obtained at several villages and craftsmanship.

In particular, from the last update, if the user who previously purchased the Gold Pass re-purchase the next Gold Pass, it can get a bonus point and start to reach the final reward.

This season, it offers a theme challenge with beauty and beast motifs. The Beast King Challenge made by the Clash of Clan Creator in North America is in progress. At the end of the challenge, Valentine's Day Challenge will be held related to the beauty concept Heart Hunter Queen Skin.

Meanwhile, Clash of Clan unveiled the developer notes of 'Martin Base 2: Add Hero Unit'. It was a large-scale update not only for craftsmanship content, as well as active communication with users.

An official of Clash of Clan said, We are preparing a special Valentine's Day gift for Korean players, and we will soon find out the charm of Heart Hunter Queen. I'm going to deliver the news, so please keep an eye on it.

Along with the Clash of Clan Update, Supercell's real-time war PVP game Clash Royale also unveiled its new season, love and magic.

In the new season of Clash Royale, 'Super Magic Archer' will be introduced as an event unit. Super Magic Archer is a special challenge mode-only unit with special abilities to fascinate the attacked object and make allies for a short time.

Clash Royal February Season's Love and Magic Royal Pass can earn Master Book in Tier 5, limited tower skin in Tier 10, and limited Valentine's Day emoticons and magic coins in Tier 20 and 30, respectively. .

In addition, Valentine's Day Celebration Limited Battle Banner, Emoticon, and Magic Archer Tower Skin are sold in stores. It will be strengthened as automatically.

During this season, two special challenges are also available. Until the 12th, a double date draft with the concept of Find the perfect partner and draft together! It is a challenge to win rewards until Seung-seung.

The Heart Attack Challenge, which runs from February 13 to 19, is a challenge that can participate by forming a deck including the super magic archer that appeared this time.

The challenge is a more equal challenge because the cards and towers of all participants are adjusted to level 11.

At the beginning of the season, the balance patch was held. After the last balance adjustment, the speed of the monk card, which had a significant decrease in utilization, increased the attack rate of 11%, and the rocket bottle reduced the time to take the first attack by 0.4 seconds to ensure that the targeted targets were faster. Units such as Archer, Giant Goblin, and Knights have also been raised to HP or attack speed.

On the other hand, the rocket's crown tower damage decreased by 17%, and the total damage and HP of Phoenix, which was reborn, was reduced to 80%, and logs and archer queens were partially lowered. In addition, more update information can be found in the notice in the Clash Royal Game.

An official of Clash Royal said, In the 'Love and Magic' season for Valentine's Day, we have prepared a more interesting special challenge with more rewards.


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