7 Errors to Avoid When Playing Hogwarts Legacy: Pro Tips for New Players

Are you starting at Hogwarts Legacy and would you like some tips on how to make the most of your adventure in the open world and in the castle? After 80 hours of play, here are some mistakes we would like to have avoided our part... These tips are useful for any difficulty, but they are even more relevant if you have chosen the adventure in the difficult, as you will require you to choose your equipment Carefully, improve it and collect the resources you need for this.

Error 1: neglect the room needs

Our first mistake was not to take enough in the living room, especially in the middle of the adventure. It allows you to identify unknown equipment, prepare potions or cultivate mandrakes... but it's much more than that. After unlocking the loom, it will be imperative (especially in difficult mode) improve your equipment. And for that, you will need animal materials you can buy from some traders or get them from creatures yourself. To achieve this goal, you will necessarily have to complete Week missions, and we strongly recommend that you make it your priority. The domestic elf is full of resources, and it is the one who allows the capture bag for fantastic animals, unlock the four nurseries of the game and even have a phoenix. Also, you buy witchcraft in tombs and scrolls to turbocharge your room needs: The power plant: to automatically feed creatures in the patricians, Larger potions and planting tables, The cutting table: which provides plant resources several times per hour, The manure composer: which gives fertilizer regularly, The bouncing cauldron: which gives a random potion regularly, Regress Material: Allows you to get moon stones every 10 minutes.

Error 2: Do not stop at ancestral magic points

If you have trouble defeating enemies, remember that ancestral magic is very powerful. Unfortunately, if you do not make combos, the old magic meters fill very slowly. To combat this, you can expand them by visiting old magic wells in the open world. After completing some sources (you should activate it and then collect the three flames of magic), your wizard's guide will tell you on the challenges tab that you can get a new meter. Better yet, every time you complete a source, your meters are filled in 100%. An essential step to be performed before each large dungeon. Feel free to use the interactive map to locate them.

Error 3: Do not use the loom

Just as the room needs can often be misused, do not neglect your loom. There are two things to consider when you want to update the equipment: Its attribute: resistance to spider poison or flames, for example, attributes are obtained mainly in the chests of enemy camps or completing duel exploration challenges, Your level: to unlock better statistics Even if you know that you will get better equipment by researching new dungeons, don't be afraid to update your current clothes. If you take good care of your animals in the nurseries, you will always have resources for it.

Error 4: Do not enjoy the seasons of the year

When you conclude one of the guardians' tests, the game automatically changes and cannot be reversed.


Before launching your first event with Percival Rack ham, for example, remember to visit Hogwarts and Hogsmeade castle to take pictures to enjoy the summer landscape. This is even more important during the fall, with the large lounge full of pumpkins, and during the winter with Christmas decorations. Otherwise, you will lose incredible landscapes of the game, such as the trees drying, the snow falling or the sun lightening everything.

Error 5: Prioritize the main story and forget the side quests

Hogwarts' legacy is very linear in your progression: you will be required to complete specific missions of the teacher's history and tasks to progress in the main plot. The different missions are quite long and numerous, so much so that you can hurry to do everything and forget the auxiliary activities. Take the time to do some student missions, especially since some will teach you how to solve the castle's puzzles, but also to pass on some Merlin tests to increase your inventory.

Error 6: Take your talents without thinking

One of Hogwarts Legacy's great flaws is that it is impossible to reset its talents. That is, after allocating all your talent points wherever you want, you can't go back and undo your choice. This would be a smaller problem if the level limit were not 40, but there are currently more talents to be obtained than points unlocked during the adventure.

Error 7: Do not learn forbidden spells

This was probably the biggest mistake of our gambling game. Wanting to create a generous and empathic model student, we made all the possible choices on the light side and so we do not learn the unforgivable curses. What a mistake. If the morality system had a real impact at the end of the story or friendship of the characters, we would not regret that choice, but no. Unless you want to play real RP (Role play), there is no negative impact on learning for prohibited spells with Sebastian Sallow. So we advise you to make it easier for your struggles. Mainly against the bosses.

Our bonus tips

Finally, here are some loose tips that will be useful to you at the beginning of the adventure: Do not forget to collect your rewards of challenges regularly. You can purchase additional inventory slots, for example, skins for your character or equipment updates and even ooms. Do not hesitate to make your way on foot to a mission when it is short to recover useful resources on the ground you would not see a oom. Sell your weaker equipment (red arrow) to suppliers before starting new missions. You will find many chests in the dungeons, and it would be a shame to have the inventory full. Identify the mission icons and use the exact locations and the minimal to guide. Prioritize the seminar statues to unlock all Alhama levels and be able to open the blocked doors on all the dungeons of your adventure.


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