0.7.WoW Patch 10.0.7: How Does the Monk Change? - PTR Patch Notes

The monk likewise obtains some modifications with the upcoming spot 10.0.7. Before that, we had already told you how the pc gaming experience will alter for demon seekers, clergymen as well as fatality knights-but most importantly for rewarded paladins. The innovations for monks are not as extensive as in the last, however the class from Mandarin will certainly play a little differently-at least the Spec's wind jogger and also figures. The master maker stays untouched for the time being. Scroll to check out the patch keeps in mind! Much more on Spot 10.0.7: Various other WoW peoples can come to be monks!

WOW Patch 10.0.7: Corresponding adjustments to the monk from the PTR

Nebelwirker modifications from the PTR

  • Shamans lessons now has a monitoring aficionado that reveals which lesson is learned at the next throw of Shaun Gabe.
  • Zen plus no longer needs the existence of an opponent to be worked.
  • Fixed an issue that led to Zen pulse did not deal with the computer mouse float setups in the game.
  • Covering breath was renamed Encouraged Holy.
  • Equipped Celestial- while you are energetic, You' Lon as well as Chi' I heal approximately 6 destinations close by with enveloping breath when your enveloping breath works.


This recovery takes 7 secs and raises the healing you receive from you by 10 %. When triggered, You' Lon and Chi' I use life cocoons to 5 destinations within a distance of 40 meters as well as damage for 10 secs. Note from the programmers: The visual result connected with the life cocoon is short-lived and also is upgraded in a future PTR structure.

Wind runner changes from the PTR

  • The optimum power from inner tranquility was increased to 30 (previously 10).
  • Inner Peace currently boosts the damages of tiger claw by 10 %.
  • Ascending star now increases the damages from takes place by the climbing sunlight by 3/6 % (previously 5/10 %).
  • Ascending celebrity now increases the damages of happens in the increasing sunlight in important hits by 6/12 %.
  • The damages and healing reward of feline harmony was boosted to 10 % (previously 8 %).
  • Note from the developers: Numerous skills of the Wind wander monk have actually been readjusted so that players can focus on concentrating on single target damage. To web page Matthias Buckle


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