TV Series God of War Should Remain Loyal To The Video Game Template

For fans of the popular action-adventure game series God of War, the prospect of a TV series being made from the recent soft reboot from 2018 is exciting. However, with any adaptation comes changes and some worry that this could lead to a version far different from what was originally envisioned. But as we explore in this article, there are ways that the TV series can remain loyal to its video game template while still creating an engaging story.

After reports have continued the past few weeks, the TV series for the soft reboot from the God of War from 2018 was officially announced a few days ago. The said TV series will arise from a partnership between Amazon, Sony Pictures and the PlayStation Studios. Too many details have not yet been pointed out. Rather, we just understand that Mark Fergus and HAWK Mostly will contribute the scripts. It is also not unexpected that the stories or fates of Rates and ATREUS will focus on.


In an interview with Collider, Vernon Sanders, the Head of Television of the Amazon Studios, dealt with the plans that are followed with the TV series on God of War. According to Collider, on the one hand, it will have to do with remaining real to the video game template. At the very same time, nevertheless, individuals who have actually never played the soft reboot should likewise be addressed.

Amazon Studios presume a terrific success

The focus is on this story of fathers, boys and households in front of this gigantic legendary landscape. What Race Judging (Showrunner) and Mark Fergus or HAWK Mostly (authors) have created for the first season and for the series, in my viewpoint, will remain exceptionally loyal to both the beginning material and encourage. If you have never played the video game previously, you will fall for the show and feel very invited.

So we assume that it will be truly substantial. It is still unclear when the first season of the very first season of the television series on God of War on Prime Video can be expected. As was approved in the official statement, the job is still in an early production stage. Details about the actors or starlets who will breathe life into the various characters are still long in coming. If more info and announcements about the God of War television series occur, we will obviously get you up to date with the current state of affairs. Additional reports on God of War.


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