High On Life: Which Entrance To The Slums To Choose?

The first award that you will receive at High on Life will ask you to go to slums. However, before you get there, a couple of guards standing in front of the entrance will meet you. One blue and the other red, and each protects the entrance of their color. When you come, you will be asked to settle the dispute between them two: which of them is the hottest? You will be given a choice between red protection, blue protection or two forms of refusing to answer the question. Unfortunately, you have an answer if you want to continue. So, which guard is the coolest in High on Life? Related: High on Life-Program blocking after the victory over Douglas Fixed errors

Which guard is the hottest in High on Life?

Two guards will not give you anything in common, except their appearance and characters with each other. Given the fact that they both look the same, you will have to decide in accordance with your preferences. If you choose a Red Guard, he will be delighted and say that they usually do not choose him for anything.


Especially when it is between him and the blue guard.

Then he will open his entrance so that you can enter the slums and pick up the award for 9-Torg. If you choose a blue guard, he will mock a red guard and declare his superiority. Then he will open his entrance so that you can enter the slums. In fact, it does not matter which one you choose, because both of them will bring you to the same place. To learn more about the buzz from life, read the sections How to watch all full-length films in the buzz from life and Where is the drum in high from life? Only in Pro Game Guides.


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