Boris Becker talks about his jail time for the first time in TV interview

Boris Becker, the former German tennis legend and two-time Wimbledon champion, has been released from a British prison after serving 20 months for tax evasion. And now he's ready to open up about his unjust imprisonment for the first time in a television interview.

After his release from a British prison, Boris Becker will talk for the very first time in a television interview about the hard time behind bars in a TV interview. At Prime-time Television (8:15 p.m.), the tennis icon in the Sat.1 Special. Boris Becker will ask the questions of moderator Steven Garden on Tuesday at the personal broadcaster. According to Sat.1, Sat.1 sends out the only interview with Boris Becker worldwide, which had left the detention center in London on Thursday. I am pleased that Boris Becker provides us his trust after the most hard time in his life, said Sat.1 editor-in-chief Juliane Ending. Becker is maybe the best hero in German sport. According to the announcement of the television station, the discussion in German and English should be held.


Afterwards, two documentaries are broadcast on the 55-year-old. Becker had been sentenced to two and a half years in April and has been in jail ever since. Now he benefited from a procedure that is supposed to reduce the pressure on the overcrowded British detention. Becker was launched earlier, and no longer has to serve the rest of his penalty. The six-time Grand Slam winner had been charged in his insolvency proceedings that had been running considering that 2017. It was about a supposed failure to lay the possessions and the veiling of debts. Becker had always opposed this. The problems for Becker are not over for Becker. So it is not foreseeable when the insolvency procedures against him could be over. The perspective can not currently be acknowledged. In England, Mr. Becker has actually failed the staying financial obligation exemption without mentioning the personal bankruptcy and a duration requirements use up until 2031, said Hans Fischer, expert lawyer for insolvency and restoration rights: But there may be an option with the lenders. I assume that attempts are made to discover an agreement. Articles and videos on the topic Shown up on the ground: Becker with emotional tears Top sport live on DAZN. Register now! Can be canceled at any time. Another obstacle is possible earnings. If he concluded a work agreement, a garnishment-free limit would apply, stated Fischer, it is different with the self-employed. There is an arrangement to make a contract on what the debtor can and can be eliminated. In Becker's case, the insolvency administrators from England would decide.


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