Tuuri is too much present in the struggle of the Blue Hedgehog - review Sonic Super Teams

sonic super teams Sandpapers puts eight Sonic universe characters to compete around the track. A fun idea suffers a little too long, and there seems to be no clear strategy for the victory besides Tour.

Inspired by movies

While the barracks like me remembers Sonic's adventures from Sega Mega Drive, my own children only make the blue bridge thanks to new movies. They have no contact surface for sega's hectic video games other than a few YouTube videos, but new Hollywood films have made the fun of a coin collector (again) among the popular children. Built around the characters, the sonic super teams board game acts as a completely independent fun, whether familiar or not, but of course the familiar figures make the race more meaningful. Too bad the end result leaves a bit of desire.

If two players start playing, then both will guide four characters.

As the name implies, the race takes place in teams of two characters, which are divided as follows: Sonic and Tails, Amy Rose and Knuckles, Shadow and Silver, and Metal Sonic and Rouge. Each character has a small plastic, relatively high quality figure that is moved on the board by avoiding spikes and collecting coins. The team who's both characters are first around the track wins. It sounds simple, but often it is also quite frustrating, because anyone can-or actually have to-move anyone's characters.

Taps to the stroller, Sonic!

In the beginning, two card decks are placed on the board. One includes the cards required for movement and the other includes special skills. Each player is distributed to six movement cards that determine the number of progresses on the basis of the team to be moved based on the base color. Once six cards have been played, new six are raised. Bad luck ends with the help of just moving counterparts, so gaming feels more of a teasing than a common fun and race. Especially for children, it is difficult for children to understand why they are not allowed to move their own characters freely, but Dad moved the tails back to the wrong screen. And since there is always the same amount of certain cards in the deck, the game does not allow for any of the tactics. If certain cards are not in their own hand, then they are at the mercy of the opponent.

The color of the card determines the team to be moved, the number of boxes.


Along the route, there are spikes and loops that slow down and double speed coin screes. The spikes can only reach one step forward, even if there is even a six-handed clerk in the hand. Instead, the loops require them to run through them at once. If the character remains in the middle of the loop, it will return to the pre-loop screen. Special cards, which are only available from certain screens, provide help with these situations by reversing the effect of spikes, for example, or letting go of the loop, even if the character is not enough. Only one special card can play in your turn.


The board themselves and the characters themselves are respectful of the source material, but the characters do not last in careless, small hands. Probably the platform comes off the figures' feet when they are turned enough, so that the characters will no longer stand up. Fortunately, the characters look like themselves.

The blue platform tells the color of the team.

Cute sonic super teams is a contradictory experience. It offers a pretty fun concept that moves more characters at the same time, but on the other hand, the profit is often solved based on just a lure. In addition, putting a certain kind of sticks in the stroller of another does not really sit in the ideology of children's games, but causes more quarrel than joy around the board. Even the length of the game is too much to keep the little ones in the family to concentrate from start to finish. You dare not recommend this to the toughest Sonic fans.

Grade given by children: 3/5


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