STEAM Rat perspective The fear action RAT CAGE will be released in January 2023. A man who aims at a rat and a building with a mystery

On November 6, the domestic game production circle OSIsoft released the Steam store page of Rat Cage . The work will be released for PC (Steam) in January 2023. Trailers are now available.

Rat Cage is a horizontal scrolling action game under development by OSIsoft. The protagonist of this work is one rat. The protagonist, the rat, enters a building on a snowstorm night. But there was a suspicious figure in the building. The battle of a rat trying to overcome the cold winter night and the mystery of a suspicious building are drawn.


The player operates the rat and goes to the back of a suspicious building. Pass through the piping, run on the floor and duct, jump through the gap by jumping. It seems that one of the purposes is to go deep into the building with mystery and action.

In the building where the rat enters, there is a terrible figure that acts from some purpose. However, even if there is a figure in front of you, the rat of this work cannot be turned back. Fear will be developed from the viewpoint of a small creature, including the location inside the dark building. According to Steam's store page, the theme of this work is that a weak animal called a rat is involved in a very suspicious building.

In addition, as an element, a rat can take action that grabs things. Puzzles and action gimmicks are available inside the building, and it seems that you will be able to move on by making a mystery by making full use of actions. In terms of system, this work is created in 3D, and the camera can be rotated.

OSIsoft, which is developing this work, is a domestic game production circle. As a past work, he released the action game cat and Koan for Android in December 2020. This work RAT CAGE has been developed in 2021. It seems that production has been promoted after participating in Digit Expo and Bit summit.

Rat Cage will be released in January 2023 for PC (Steam). It is currently being brushed up. OSIsoft will also participate in Digit Expo 2022 to be held at Akihabara UDP on November 13, 2022. It is said that the trial version of Rat Cage will be distributed at the booth E-16AB.


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