Pokémon Karmesin/Purpur How to increase the Shiny

The brand-new picnic mechanics in Pokémon Parmesan and purple offers all sorts of benefits for your Pokémon, but it can also work to you at Shiny Searching. The sandwiches that can be prepared during a picnic can help you catch Shiny. Here you read which components you need for the sandwiches and your Shiny hunt will be as effective as possible.

with sandwiches faster to Shiny

How likely is a shiny encounter? The fundamental worth for Parmesan and purple for the Shiny possibility is 1/4096.

You can start picnics throughout the wilderness by opening your main menu via the X key. There you can then produce sandwiches of all kinds that, for instance, also support you in the Pokémon breeding.

The sandwiches listed here enhance the opportunity that Shiny spawn in your world. You need to prepare the matching sandwich for every Pokémon type:

  • Regular: 1x chorizo, 2x salty secret spice
  • Fire: 1x basil, 1x sweet secret spice, 1x salty secret spice
  • Water: 1x cucumber, 2x salty secret spice
  • Plant: 1x salad, 1x salted secret spice, 1x acidic secret spice
  • Flight: 1x raw ham, 2x salty secret spice
  • Fight: 1x guru cucumber, 2x salty secret spice
  • Toxin: 1x noodle, 2x salted secret spice
  • Electron: 1x yellow paprika, 1x salty secret spice, 1x sharp secret spice
  • Floor: 1x cooked ham, 2x salty secret spice
  • Rock: 1x jalapeño, 2x salty secret spice
  • Psycho: 1x onion, 2x salted secret spice
  • Ice: 1x Libby stick, 2x salted secret spice
  • Beetle: 1x mini tomato, 2x salty secret spice
  • Spirit: 1x red onion, 2x salty secret spice
  • Steel: 1x hamburgers, 1x sweet secret spice, 1x salty secret spice
  • Dragon: 1x avocado, 2x salted secret spice
  • Sunlight: 1x incense fillet, 1x sweet secret spice, 1x salted secret spice
  • Cost: 1x tomato, 2x salted secret spice

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You can discover all the needed ingredients in the stores of Pale, i.e. the conservative king, Kappas and the Arno bakeshop.

Pokémon Parmesan and Purpura has actually been readily available for Nintendo Switch since November 18, 2022.


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