NFL player retires half competition after selling a rare pokemon letter for $ 650,000.

It's like when you dream that the lottery touches you. You would leave all the daily problems behind, those that entails the work included, to live with peace of mind the rest of your days. Well, that must have thought of Blake Martínez, an American football player at Los Veg Riders, after selling several rare Pokémon letters that have reported hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Anticipated retirement with 28 years

Martínez h retired half competition after selling a rare letter from Pokémon for $652,000, but recently he did the same with another for almost 700,000. With the hard, short and demanding one that is the life of a professional player, it seems that he saw him clear field like the one already had lt year with a tear of the anterior cross ligament.

Scored with a 9.5 on the Gem Mint scale, this lt letter, nicknamed by the player Swirllustator, h opened the way for a much quieter life that leaves behind the hustle and bustle that is the world of American football.

I have chosen to get away from this race at this time to concentrate on my family and my future psions.

We sume that these future psions coincide with the pt and current. And Martínez h always been a vivace collector of letters, a hobby that took even more strength when the pandemic arrived. It is clear that his experience in investing the won a professional player in the acquisition of certain letters h more than spent the spent. Of course, the boy h mounted it well.


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