How long did Denji fight against the devil of eternity in Chainsaw Man? Answered

While it may not be as rimbombante as other fighting, Benji's battle against Eternity Devil in the anime and manga chainsaw man is still a thematic madness. Started by Benji literally throwing himself into the center of his adversary and then dragged because Eternity Devil is technically immortal, it is a brutal fight that lasts much more than a few minutes in the universe. However, that last point raises the question: how long did Benji fight against the demon of eternity in Chainsaw Man?

After investigating a little, we have an answer for you.

How long did Benji and the demon of eternity fight in Chainsaw Man? Answered

The short answer is that Benji and the devil of eternity fought for at least three days without Chainsaw Man.

Limeño mentions this when he informs Aka about the progress of the fight and then gets into bed with him. However, he also says that he is not sure, which is understandable since the powers of the Devil of Eternity had all members of Division 4 trapped in a separate reality where they could not take the account of time.

Regardless, this means that Benji fought without eating, drinking or sleeping for several days. The reason why he could do this is that he made a discovery while he was in his form of demon chainsaw: while consuming meat and blood while in that form, he could maintain his manifest transformation and cure any damage they have inflicted.


This was quite easy to do thanks to the fact that the demon of eternity was constantly regenerating every time he cut it. As such, he was able to maintain a cycle of mutilation and dismemberment of the devil of eternity, consuming his flesh and blood, waiting for the process to be regenerated and repeated.

This is, in turn, the reason why the demon of eternity finally surrenders and asks Benji to kill him. Benji made him suffer agonizing pain for days until he could no longer bear the idea of being shattered. This led him to expose his nucleus, and died after Benji left the nucleus in half.

With luck, this was clarified how long Benji and the demon of eternity in Chainsaw Man. To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have many other explanatory guides on issues such as why the devil of eternity wanted to eat Benji, what is the devil of eternity and if the devil of eternity knew or not Wichita.


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