Final Fantasy 14 Former gamers can play once again for 4 days complimentary of charge

If your account has actually been on ice for at least 30 days, you can get involved. Then you have to do nothing more than download the game and log in with your account as normal. Then you have up to 4 days to look around in the video game extensively and take pleasure in all material approximately and including patch 6.28. You have time till December 16, 2022, to take this chance.


Have you not played Final Dream 14 for a while and want to have a look at it once again? The perfect opportunity has actually come for you now. Thanks to the new totally free login campaign, you can play for up to three days free of charge and enjoy all new content that have actually been released in the meantime.

a lot to discover!

Those who weren't there for a very long time will experience a lot. With the current FFI Update 6.2, the game was once again expanded by a lot of new content such as dungeons, story tasks and raids. If you have a longer break behind you, you should have a lot to do with it in your 4 days!

Particular attention needs to also be paid to the island paradise-you can manage your own island, keep animals on it, develop fields and enjoy your peace. With Patch 6.25, the unsteady vault and the curious vaults were lastly added-new types of dungeon, which are targeted at casual gamers and hardcore players at the very same time.

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