A Crazy Friday could have a sequel

Jamie Without a doubt, one of the greatest memories that the children of the 90s have of Disney is the movie entitled A LOCOS AL FRIDAY , Ribbon of 2003 In La Vue to Lindsay Lohan and *Jamie Lee Curtis Change bodies in their respective characters. This has been so successful, that it continues to be seen constantly in streaming services and is also passed through Disney Channel.

And now, through certain interviews that Curtis gave in her stay in Mexico to promote Halloween Ends , the actress confirmed that she would like to have a sequel to said comedy classic. She even, she still has contact with Lindsay Lohan , this thanks to a certain keyword that both keep in order to continue in periodic communication.

As an update to this statement, in an interview with the medium known as The View, Curtis confirms that she has contacted Disney to have the sequel time and form. Although it is not mentioned whether the original cast would return in its entirety.

I already wrote to my friends in Disney. I am in his new Haunted Mansion movie, so talking to them is not so complicated now.

In addition, she talked a little about what she would like to see about her character on the tape:

I want to be the grandmother! An old woman who changes place with her daughter. And so, Lindsay can play sexy grandmother, who is still happy with Mark Harmon, in all ways in which she can be happy with Mark Harmon.

For now, it is not a project that Disney has approved, but at least its protagonist is interested in making it a reality.


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