ssin's Creed Mirage in detail, we have already seen it and we tell you everything we know

ssin's Creed Mirage h been officially revealed during the Ubisoft Forward. The game will return to the origins of the saga, so that it will abandon the Open World RPG genre that h characterized the three most recent deliveries (Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla). According to Ubisoft, this title is mainly bed on three clsic playable pillars : Parkour, stealth and murders. You can see the kinematic trailer in this same news:

Developed by Ubisoft Bordeaux, the game will bet on the narrative and linear action in a single city, Baghdad. Despite resuming traditional mechanics, the developer h clarified that systems have been modernized. Returning to the Middle Et will also serve a tribute to ssin's Creed Original , now that its 15th anniversary is fulfilled. The narrative structure will look like that of the former, although there will be times when you can choose the order of the missions to the tte of the player. On the other hand, there will be no decisions in the dialogues.

Another of the locations that we will visit in key moments will be Alamo, the site in which the hidden have erected their strength , even under construction. It is the first time that this legendary place is seen in a saga title.

The Golden Age of Baghdad and the beginnings of Bis in the Brotherhood

Assassin's Bis In Iraq, are you prepared to leave behind what you once thought you were? Says Roshan's voice at the beginning of the trailer. I am, he replies. Baghdad is reflected in his time of glory , a vibrant place and full of people. It is cosmopolitan and multicultural, life blooms and art and science emerge. This Baghdad wpletely destroyed five centuries later, so its reconstruction in the video game h been a challenge.

Two decades before the history of Ivor in ssin's Creed Valhalla, in the ninth century A.D., players can embody Bis from his entry into the order of the hidden ones until he becomes a teacher. Before entering the brotherhood, around the year 861, he He w a simple street thief. . With strange visions and a tragic pt behind him. He uses his portentous power to mark several whites at the same time, so it seems that he h the ability to slow down time: this is a new mechanic that h been implemented in the game.

Enkidu is the name of his eagle of him, which flies over the scenario in order to mark his objectives and detect the useful resources. We will have to be careful with the archers, who will try to demolish the Rap Ave, so that it may be a good idea to end them before. The whole design of levels h been subject to the approach to stealth. What we will not see is a story in the present, since the whole story will focus on the events of the pt.

Who is Bis's mentor?

Roshan, his mentor, will have an important role in the adventure. She is a veteran killer of 50 years who will be played by Share Aghdhloo (The Expense, Arcane). The actress behind the character h highlighted in a message addressed to the fans that Roshan is loyal and honest, a teacher who will do everything possible to safeguard the order of any danger. She hides her from her under a veil of mystery. Ubisoft h also promised the presence of a good number of real historical characters-including political leaders and artists-something that h always been a palpable feature of the saga.

At the end of the video, Bis interacts with a strange creature. In statements to Meditation, the narrative director of the title, Sarah Beau lieu, h confirmed that This will be the only mythological element of this delivery.

ssin's Creed Mirage will go on sale in 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Amazon Luna in Three different editions : The standard, the deluxe (it comes with additional content) and The collector, which includes a figure by Bis, Steal book, a map of Baghdad and more.


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