Scarlet and Purple Pokémon: Ed Sheeran appears by surprise to promote the Nintendo game

Not long ago, Ed Sheeran fans saw some clues appear on their networks, gradually revealing that the ** singer could make his appearance in the Pokémon universe. Collaborations with Ni antic in Pokémon Go.

Currently on tour , he recently announced an extract of his next single, celestial, touched in a stuffed Pokemon pool. Shortly after, his community was able to discover the cover of the single, Ed Sheeran with a little Pikachu on the shoulder. Today the video clip of celestial was announced, and the collaboration between the singer and The Pokémon Company for scarlet and purple pokémon seems to be confirmed.

celestial passes through Pale


This is a melody that must remain in your mind since Ed Sheeran's new single is very catchy. The clip, presented today, shows the singer in his daily life, surrounded by his favorite Pokémon. Images of real life and cartoons alternate to establish a parallel between fantasy and reality.

Surrounded by Pokémon, Ed Sheeran imagines himself in flower fields created by Bulbasaur, or even in a study with all the little favorite creatures of him as Mew. We also observe at the end of the clip a scene of the mythical Pokémon the film: Mew two vs mew ,during which the singer manages to interrupt the confrontation between Mew and Mew two and thus save the Pokémon world. What we would have liked to do at the end...

¡celestial will be in scarlet and purple Pokémon!

This has been confirmed by Pokémon teams, Ed Sheeran's single will be present for Game freak 's next work, which will be launched on November 18. We still do not know what form will take (communication, ads, in the game,...?), But prepare to keep it in mind for a while.

In any case, we imagine the clip perfectly as the celestial song of the next Nintendo game, since they reflect the atmosphere of license productions quite well. Ed Sheeran's single sounds like a message of hope and perseverance that applies to coaches around the world who fight for their dreams of being the best.


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