Bastard !! The god of devastation: Netflix trailer for the final of the cult

400 years after the collapse of modern human being, the world is controlled by a disorder of swords and magic. Led by the exceptionally mighty four sky kings, the military of the dark rebels have plans to revive the goddess of devastation of anthrax, as well as increases their location of guideline to inevitably get control of the globe. The Kingdom of Metallica on the Central Medallion Continent is struck by the military of the dark rebels provided by an illusionist.

Tia Not Yoko, the little girl of the high clergyman, needs to decide to save the kingdom: she needs to revive the old fantastic magician who as soon as intended to understand the globe and that is secured in the body of her sandpit close friend Lucien. The kiss of a virgin is sufficient to damage the seal. Because the upcoming threat, Yoko kisses Lucien and also at that minute the space loads up with dark as well as powerful power. The strongest, wildest as well as most attractive lead character, the epic magician Dark Schneider, has lastly risen again!

cult anime goes right into the following round

You can anticipate the end of the saga around the army of the dark rebels. The globe is on the brink of devastation.


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