All new opponents in Sonic Frontiers

Soldier - These two-legged, carbon fiber-like robots travel in groups and also assault Sonic when it comes also close. The enemies seem to be quite straightforward.

These are the names of the adversaries that we understand because of all the information we have concerning the game from the video game from as well as expanded trailers.

Cyclone - This is just one of the more recent, a lot more challenging enemies that calls for even more than their typical assaults to place it down. Intervesting tornados are red and black, create flash cornados and also have strong defense skills.

Blase - The Bubble is evocative the EGG Bouncer employer from Sonic 2. You need to make the protective bubbles rupture to get to the core of the opponent and to destroy it this way.

sleeve grenades will be this kind of opponents that need to be lureed out with an assault to destroy them. If you conceal in your indication, you are invulnerable. Sonic will certainly probably need to utilize among his brand-new abilities to face this risk.

Knaller - This opponent looks like a red bike that races over the country. Strike him if you are at a specific distance and notification Sonic. These opponents are evocative the motobug opponents from previous entrances in the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise, however with a turn.

All new enemies until now in Sonic Frontiers.

While Dr. Eggman will still contribute in this video game, we will see exactly how some Badniks are returning and identified by people that have played previously Sonic games. In the new areas in Frontiers, nevertheless, there are some new opponents that are largely classified as mass-produced robots, which might indicate that the wicked scientist is still planning brand-new ways to defeat heaven Blur, yet there is not much to do Confirm that.

Since Frontiers dissolve from the common Sonic formula, there will be more than just an adjustment in the background and the speed for the video game. There will certainly be acquainted faces en route, but with every brand-new actual iteration of the franchise there are new faces as well as opponents that require to battle to achieve their objective. So below are all the new enemies we understand in Sonic Frontiers


As for managers are worried, there seems to be a handful of new ones that are as adheres to:

Strangely, since the majority of the new enemies and also bosses are robots, it is hard to claim whether Eggman lags it, primarily since they appear much more threatening and have no human-like style. They look unusual and also have nearly nothing that advises him of, like big, strange eyes, mustache or armed forces look.

If you get even more information about the world of Sonic Frontiers, we will certainly keep you up to day.

There will certainly be acquainted faces on the way, however with every new real model of the franchise there are brand-new faces and opponents that need to deal with to accomplish their objective. Below are all the new enemies we know in Sonic Frontiers

  • Asura
  • Ninja
  • Tower
  • Octopus
  • Sumo
  • Titan

These opponents are reminiscent of the motobug enemies from previous entries in the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise business, yet with a turn.

Sonic Frontiers will be launched on November 8, 2022 for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and also Collection gaming consoles, Nintendo Change and also Computer.

sleeve explosives will be this type of adversaries that have to be lureed out with an attack to ruin them. Sonic will most likely have to use one of his new skills to face this threat.


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