The Krafton team is concentrating on the worldwide as well as prepares Gamescom

More concretely, PUBG: BATTLEFIELD is currently distributed in Free-to-Play as well as if the group keeps in mind a strong boost in the number of gamers (27 million players have actually at least examined the video game ofbattle Royaleand the number of players Using the store has increased by 10%), the influx of gamers does not yet make up for the sale of video game duplicates. PUBG Mobile also accuses a decrease in turnover-but Krafton worries that C 'is the entire mobile game sector which currently regresses in South Korea.

Today in South Korea, Krafton published its accounts of the very first half-year-old 2022 and also the second quarter of the year. In encrypted terms, Krafton claims a semi-annual turnover of 946.7 billion won (700.5 million euros), for an operating profit of 474.2 billion (EUR 350.9 M) and also net benefit from 439.2 billion (EUR 325 million), increased by 3%, 18% and also 31% specifically contrasted to the exact same period last year. As expected, the quarterly outcomes are much less satisfying (a turn over of 313.5 million euros, for a net profit of 120.1 million euros), accusing a small decline that the Group explains with a low season duration.


Krafton's future tasks

We may bear in mind Krafton's jobs for the future, which generally consist in to bet on the worldwide and the Western advancement studios . The South Korean giant has actually together purchased Striking distance Studios and also Unknown Worlds ( Subnautica ), and both independent programmers work respectively on the action video game The Callisto Protocol And the enigmatic Task M which will certainly be dispersed worldwide.

We also understand that in Korea, the Krafton teams work on the fascinating Job Windless , adapted from the amazing novelThe Bird That Drinks Tears _. If the growth is simply starting (he needs to locate his cruise rate by the end of the year), Krafton is currently taking into consideration to decrease deep space in different layouts : first a book D 'Art influenced by the permit intended this year (the studio has actually been functioning for two years on the looks of this world), after that a visuals unique authorized by Iain McCaig throughout the very first half of 2023, pending the game itself also later on.

The Callisto Protocol will be disclosed in even more information in a few days as component of the Gamescom 2022 and also the next Unidentified Worlds game (which is based upon a new permit in a sci-fi cosmos and on a gameplay on the turn By turn simple to capture, however not simplistic) will be usable for the very first time as part of the German program, pending very early accessibility this year.


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