Polium One: Crypto-Firma Kündigt Web 3

The console that Polium wants to introduce on the marketplace in the 3rd quarter of 2024 can be pre-ordered by players that purchase a Polium Pass- an NFT in the Ethereum network, of which 10,000 devices are to be offered.

The company will certainly not approve pre-orders or financing before a model was offered as well as the neighborhood shows passion. Afterwards, a console appropriate for manufacturing is to be constructed.

With the Polium One system, the web 3 company Polium has actually revealed that according to its own statement globally initial multi-chain gaming console. It must be able to do video games on various blockchains.

specs are still open

According to the Polium, the controller will include a finger print scanner as well as a budget button, which allows players to rapidly access the console's multi-chain pocketbook, which is feasible for the profession, exchange, use and reception of Cryptocurrencies is developed.

A console without games utilizes the equipment buyers very little. There will be games on the console as well as we will quickly make some news.

The specifications have not yet been determined. The aim is to construct a powerful console that can stand for 4K video clip games with 8k HDR.

The console will be effective sufficient to do high-performance video games. And also it will be simple to make use of for a typical gamer that does not recognize web 3, states Polium.

players are hesitant

Since the logo design was additionally slammed from the area that looks like the sign of the Video game Cubes, Polium has commissioned a new illustrator to develop an initial logo design.

The prototype will certainly after that prove that the console can carry out games based on numerous blockchains as well as produced with various programs languages.

The news of the Polium One system satisfied with a lot of criticism and also hesitation amongst players. On the one hand, the prepare for blockchain video gaming were never able to persuade all members of the pc gaming area. Rather a couple of players believe that the NFT console is pure rip-off.

Nevertheless, Polium wishes to act as transparently as possible and show the prototype live on YouTube or ask a reliable influencer to offer the equipment.

Further details about the console are listed on the main internet site **

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It is instead suspicious whether the Polium One will certainly ever before be published. In the past, players made it clear that they are not thinking about NFTS and also Co. Other efforts to get involved in the gaming consoles market were typically additionally destined fall short.

What do you think of the statement of the NFT console? Is it ever released and even acquired?

What do you think about NFTS? .


Crypto * Away with it. NFTS just offer to swindle the players. 74%, 1837 votes

  • Away with it. NFTS only offer to scam the players.
  • I await NFTs to be made use of.
  • Cool. That is what I have been waiting for.

1837 votes 74%.

1837 Votes-74% of all ballots.

  • I wait for NFTs to be made use of. 17%, 412 ballots.

412 ballots 17%.

412 Votes-17% of all votes.

  • Cool. That is what I have been waiting for. 9%, 231 vote.

231 Ballot 9%.

231 Vote-9% of all votes.

Total ballot: 2480.

2. February 2022.

Further reports on Polium One.

It is rather suspicious whether the Polium One will certainly ever be published. ** What do you believe of the news of the NFT console?


  • Away with it. NFTS only serve to tear off the players.
  • I await NFTs to be made use of.
  • Cool. That is what I have actually been waiting for.

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A console without video games makes use of the equipment purchasers really little bit. The statement of the Polium One system satisfied with a great deal of criticism as well as apprehension amongst players. Rather a few players believe that the NFT console is pure rip-off.


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