Increased electricity and gas rates from July… The monthly family rises 1535 won per month

The government announced on the 27th that it will increase the unit price of the interlocking system, which will be applied to the electricity bill in the third quarter of this year, to 5 won per KWH, while the city gas rate of civil service (housing and general) will be increased by 1.1 won per MJ.

Fuel non-adjustment prices were estimated at 33.6 won per kWh due to the increase in fuel costs. In response, KEPCO applied the quarterly adjustment regulations to submit an increase to the government to 3 won per kWh and requested to improve the system by expanding the interlocking system.

The government requested to consider how to adjust within the range of annual adjustment limit (± 5 won/kWh). KEPCO prepared an amendment to the terms of the terms to adjust the quarterly adjustment within the annual limit, and applied for approval with the government along with the details of the fuel non-adjustment price property in the third quarter.

The government finally approved the application of 5 won per kWh in the third quarter, along with the amendment to the Terms and Conditions.

As a result, the fuel non-adjustment price will be applied to 5 won per kWh for the electricity bill from July to September. The monthly electricity bill for four-person households (average monthly usage of 307 kWh) is expected to increase by about 1535 won.

However, KEPCO plans to increase the discount limit to about 3.5 million households for welfare discounts to alleviate the fee burden of the vulnerable group from July to September as the heat wave is expected this summer.

An official from KEPCO said, In the case of improving the interlocking system system and adjusting the fuel non-adjustment price in the third quarter, the high inflation is severe. It was an inevitable decision.

Meanwhile, the government also raises the private city gas fare from next month to 1.11 won per MJ.

This impression is the result of reflecting the settlement price (+0.67 won/MJ) and the increase in the reference raw material cost (+0.44 won/MJ), which were confirmed by the revision of the Natural Gas Supply Regulations in December last year.

The government explained that international oil prices, which affect natural gas (LNG) import prices, have risen rapidly by 61%year-on-year, 141%of natural gas, and 14%of the exchange rate.

According to the rate increase, the housing fee is 16.99 won, which is raised from 15.88 won per MJ to 16.99 won, and general use (business 1) is adjusted to 16.60 won.

The increase rate is 7.0%for housing and 7.2%for general use, and the average gas rate per household is expected to increase by 2220 won per year.


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