When will Bungie release TWAB for Destiny 2?

This Week at Bungie, also known as TWAB, is a weekly information ballot that informs the guards about everything related to Destiny 2. This can vary from intra -game events to the events taking place in the community, upcoming changes and much more. This is a buffet with information, for which fans are sitting on the edge of the seat.

Released TWAB for Destiny 2 every Thursday . Although they are usually released in the afternoon, not set time . The weekly information ballot has several different authors, and depending on its length it can go out at any time on Thursdays.

Wow... Bungie just changed Iron Banner Forever... Every Thursday, the Internet explodes echoing, demanding to know when TWAB comes out. Usually this is a Twitter trend, and the request takes off in Google charts. The fastest way to find out when TWAB comes out is to pay attention to the accounts of the community managers on Twitter, because they like to tease when it comes out. Otherwise, it would be possible to spend the day, violently updating the Bungie home page.

At this moment, to the question "Where is Twab?" He became a meme, and even Bungie joined him. Fans of an internal joke can buy a T -shirt with this acute issue in the Bungie store.

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