Psychonauts 2 is not simply Phil Spencer Goty, it is additionally the finest -offering video game of the programmer

2021 has actually provided us extremely powerful releases, but we can claim without worry of being incorrect that Double Fine has been crowned . His psychonauts 2 has actually earned the love of the general public, in addition to a number of matching nominations of the year and also different honors of the computer game globe. And it is that his property has actually not fallen for Phil Spencer , who considers him the greatest candidate for Goty, but has additionally recorded the interest of a good handful of players.

In our evaluation of Psychonauts 2 we tell you that Double Fine has actually taken care of to drop in love even more thanks to the Excellent use of the platform and its way of dealing with such delicate problems as mental health. And, in the absence of understanding the designer's plans around its effective franchise business, we will certainly not forget the multiple jobs that it has in development.

After these words, Titre-Montgomery bears in mind several of the awards and nominations given to Psychonauts 2 as well as finishes with a psychological farewell: "I am so happy with my group as well as what we have attained. I more than happy to leave this camp Better than what I located it ". It should be kept in mind that Double Fine's proposal is located at Xbox Game Pass from the first day , so designers have lots of reasons to commemorate this sales success.

My management has actually given the very best valued and also very successful video game of Double Fine to day Lisette Titre-Montgomery Without giving concrete numbers, we currently understand that Psychonauts 2 is one of the most marketed video game most marketing of Double Fine. This is commented by Lisette Titre-Montgomery , supervisor of art as well as designer, on a Twitter magazine in which he announces her march of the programmer: "Thanks all for trusting me to take the globe of Psychonauts 2 to the Life. My management has resulted in the most effective valued and also finest -selling video game of Double Fine to date. "

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