In Saints Row you can probably stuff grenades into your pants and that will be a lot of fun

Even if the new Saints Row may look less than its predecessors at first glance, there is also a lot of chaotic energy under the surface in the reboot, as the show case to the adaptation options of the game has shown. Even new insider information now indicates that Saints Row is by no means in a good direction, but continues to rely on overhead action, in which we can sometimes even become quite creative.

Flow system lets you put grenades in pants and become ninjas

The well-known industry insider Tom Henderson has now shared some new details about Saints Row's gameplay. Accordingly, the game has a kind of flow system that gives you points for actions in battle, whether you are doing damage, evades or chasing vehicles up. Greetings from Devil May Cry!

different skills

You can then effectively output these flow points to use certain skills-the more powerful the ability, the more it costs. If your boss levels up, you also get access to other skills. Tom Henderson also gives some examples:

Surprise: With this ability you can put enemies a grenade in their pants and then throw them on other enemies. Brutal, but effective. * Flaming Uppercut: As the name reveals, you can spin an opponent into the air with an uppercut.

* Ninja: For everyone who prefers to play a little more stale, there is the opportunity to hide from enemies using smoke bomb.

Fast gameplay: In addition, it should be possible to get life points back through kills and distributed damage, so aggressive playing styles are rewarded here. Your boss can also have up to five perks or improvements. They range from small buffs, such as faster movement when crouching, to "ultimate" perks, with which you can fire rockets on an area.

What the gameplay looks like in action, you can see in the trailer:

Other alleged innovations

According to Henderson, Saints Row is also said to have a quick travel system, let yourself be searched for drug pins (the game's collectibles of the game) and objects such as money, auto parts or cosmetic items hide in Müllcontainers, which you can then search.

Also a multiplayer manager of the insider, but at the same time adds that there is still no concrete information apart from hints. Either way, these are so far just not officially confirmed rumors that you should enjoy as always with a good dose of caution.

Crackdown 3 - 18/02/19 On the 23 \ at the latest, we learn whether we can really put grenades in Saints Row. Agust 2022 when the game for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One appears.

How does that sound to you, do you feel like the action -heavy gameplay?


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