Finally, the cross -play test started in "FIFA 22". Is the official implementation "FIFA 23"?

ELECTRONIC ARTS has launched a cross -platform play test on May 3 for FIFA 22. The target platforms are PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X | S, and Google Stadia.

This test implementation is for two modes, online season and online friendly. According to the official website, the reason is limited to two modes, "to reduce the possibility of new problems in the game." The feedback and data obtained in this test will be useful to implement cross -play in future titles. The "FIFA" series has a new work every fall. It may be officially implemented in "FIFA 23", which will be released as the next work.

With the implementation of the cross play test, widgets are now displayed in the lower right of the main menu. Pressing the corresponding button can enable or disable the participation in the test. In this widget, it is possible to search for friends regardless of the platform or block and mute players as needed. In addition, it is possible to set up a cross -play test with a matchmaking option.

He is also guided about the procedure to play with his friends in cross -play. First, add a friend to the list with the above widget. Friends can search by the user name on the platform or EA user name. Once you add it to the list, you can cross play by inviting the friend to the game. Alternatively, you can select a friend from the list displayed on the screen in online friendly mode and invite it to a match.

There is no particular operation to play on the online season in cross -play. If the above cross -play test is enabled, matchmaking will be performed, including players on another platform.

By the way, beside the friend name, an icon indicating the friend's platform is displayed. Even in the online season, you can check your opponent's platform with a similar icon.

The test implementation of the cross -play platform for "FIFA 22" has started today. The test implementation is only for PS5/Xbox Series X | S and Google Stadia. Please note that other platforms are not tested, including PS4/Xbox One.


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