Will Star Wars be at Kingdom Hearts IV?

With the revelation of a new Kingdom Hearts, many wonder what the Disney worlds will be we will visit in this delivery. While during the first trailer we saw a very real world, Fans have found a clue that indicates the possible appearance of Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts IV .

During the images of the first minute you can see a forest, which looks pretty normal. However, fans have pointed out that in the upper right corner you can see a piece of white metal. Immediately, Some people realized that this object looks very similar to one of the legs of the at-st , Star Wars robots.

This means that there is a possibility that one of the worlds visit in Kingdom Hearts IV is Star Wars, specifically that of EPISODIO VI, since this place looks similar to the Moon of Endor . Considering the most realistic visual style of this delivery, it has been pointed out that the new delivery will give us the opportunity to visit locations that are related to the Live Action Properties of Disney.


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