Ubisoft: All information about the PVP-Battle Arena

Ubisoft held the information about Project Q at the announcement rar, but as usual is leaving the gaming community. Information about the game is leaked by a test behind closed doors.

First of all, the official information of Ubisoft:

  • It will be a Battle Arena PVP game
  • It's not a pure battle-royale
  • There will be different modes, all of which are among the motto! stand.

This acts as usual spongy and mysterious, the insulted information will bring some light into the dark. Project Q is still in an early stage of development, accordingly open, or closed beta tests will have a while again. Much of the data comes from a gameplay recording of the addressed test run.

In this video, it can be seen that the graphics style is very similar to the Knockout City or Overwatch and you also seem to seek a family-friendly approach in the equipment choice. The weapons between which the player can choose are z. B. Thors Hammer Mjölnir , a Luchadora mask or a playing card set. For equipment, so-called "wonders" include, these miracles give you an advantage in combat, similar to the equipment or special equipment at Call of Duty.

For example, there is a umbrella that makes you temporarily invisible or a plant seed that returns your life. All the equipment, both weapons and wonders seem to work on a cooldown mechanics and not about ammunition.

From the video, only two game modes go out. The first is called Showdown and is an elimination mode by it's about being the last surviving team. The second mode is battlezone , the players must take a particular zone and generate points as long as the zone is under their rule. Both modes are not innovative from the principle, but already known from games like Gears of War (Wingman, King of the Hill) or Call of Duty (headquarters).

At the beginning of each round, the player has the opportunity to compile his hero and equipment, from different characters and per character different outfits.

In summary, the following picture results:

  • Not only battle-royal, but at least one similar mode
  • Character selection at the beginning of each round
  • Weapons and wonder selection at the beginning of each round
  • Family-friendly optics
  • Weapons and miracles are regulated by Cooldown
  • Team hooks, goal based and elimination
  • Early development phase
  • Test runs already announced

Far Cry 4 - The Making of PvP (Battles of Kyrat)

Here you will find the link to the gameplay video as long as it has not been locked by Ubisoft:


Most recently, there are still speculation about the payment model of Project Q. The speculation is based on the fact that Ubisoft Bordeaux work according to your website on a non-announced free-to-play PVP game, which is probably project q. However, these are speculation that has not yet been officially confirmed.


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