Suspicion of "union crushing" in Yone Nintendo? Former contract employee claims to the Labor Committee

In the National Labor Relationship Committee (NLRB) Official Site, former contract employees " Labor union" for human resource dispatching companies that the company is contracted by Nintendo's North American branch office " Nintendo of America " and the company contract. It became clear that the committee was piled up with "that infringes the right to form.

According to the site, this claim was held on April 15, "Re-off, recruitment refusal" "" Forced remarks (such as threat, benefit promise) "" Forced act (such as surveillance) "" Joint Acts (Returned, Disabled, Disciplinary) "is said to have done.

Union Contract Negotiation

In addition, in the complaint, the number of employees were fired to prevent the employee to block the labor union activity (or join the union) within the past six months. In this case, Nintendo has been fired by the contract employee who made this this time, the contract employee who made this this time has been fired, and the "confidential information leak" is the "union formation attempt Now that we do not recognize the related activities, we cooperate with NLRB's survey, and the company says, "We are doing our best to provide a working environment that supports all employees and contract employees.".

On the other hand, overseas media GamesRadar + reported about Twitter users who once were US Tendo employees. The user expresses the employee era "the most stressed experience in life". In addition, "US Tendo is a bad habit of making a compensation called full-time employee, and there is a terrible habit of making a regular employee, and it is said that" We hope that employees will be a cozy workplace where they can feel the respect. "


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