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In Lost Ark, the system of daily login rewards works a little differently than in many other Free2Play MMORPGs. For example, the registration event runs completely independently of the month, currently about 10 March 2022 to 14 April 2022. But no matter how long the period for the currently active event fails, we can always get us alone by signing over 25 days rewards to back up. There are also three further rewards when reaching certain milestones (day 10, day 15 and day 20).

An advantage or rather a punishment?

Who can not log in every day or wants, who is pleased about this system certainly. Because even if you can not visit Arkesia every day, it is still possible to use all 28 rewards by the end of the event period. And who is on the start every day, he also gets everything and has an addition a few days idle. No problem, or yet?

Lost Ark: Scandal! There are fewer login wages than days in the event period !! 11Ein Source: external content In fact, scattered multiplayers recently complained in the official forum of Lost Ark that they have to live in the current event period for ten days long without a login reward. Amazon Games would punish the managers in the way, the criticism. Five days idling, as the last event, are understandable (but still punishing). Ten days? That is not how it works.

Is this just the criticism less trolls who do not get the neck full? Well, after all 53 hearts, the post office has collected, and many answers support the criticism. Just as there is plenty of players who can not understand the criticism at all. This group also includes community presenter Roxx.

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*DO NOT FORGET!*.. Do These Things ~EVERY DAY~ in Lost Ark!.. (Important Lost Ark Daily Checklist) The answer of the Amazon employee: "_also, if you do not get extra free crystal because you have already received all available free crystal, then this is an active type of punishment? I just want to make sure that I understand this point correctly. "This post collected 295 hearts. Are you also in the Team Roxx or do you divide the criticism?

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