How to get a jar cannon at Elden Ring

A jug gun is one of the most unique types of weapons available to players in Elden Ring. As a large manual mortar, it works like a slow grenade launcher. Nevertheless, his base of damage is worth the time spent on the expectation of its operation. All the players need to do is defeat the boss.

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where to find a juggle gun in Elden Ring

Players can find a jug of a gun and the beautiful boss that holds it. Queen of the half-man Margot in the cave of the volcano on the northwestern end of the Atlas, north of the Mount Helmir . To get to the cave, players can either go through a long slow route, passing through the entire atlas plateau, or gain access to a special region in Lucaria Paradise. For this shorter route, players will need to die from the kidnapper of virgins in Lucaria Paradise.

In any case, players should be in the cave of the volcano. He will be next to the top of the mountain, at the edge of the cliff, surrounded by half -humans. Activate the place of grace right inside the cave and go further inside to get to the queen of the half -man Margot. As soon as the players defeat her, they will receive Jar Cannon.

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