Ultimate Zelda Quiz: 10 questions that most master real professionals

The ULTIMATE True Legend of Zelda Fan Quiz! (Are You?)

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most successful and most popular players in the world. For ages, the adventures inspire the Nintendo players. We have created an ultimate quiz about the legendary gaming, in which you can now test your knowledge. ## How well does your Zelda know? In 1986, Nintendo has launched one of the most important ranks of video game history with The Legend of Zelda . With the currently last part of the series - Breath of the Wild - the console manufacturer has set up several records. The game is so popular that fans can hardly expect the Squel Breath of the Wild 2. To test your knowledge of the most famous video game adventure now, we have created a extensive Zelda quiz . Are you real link experts? Then it proves in the following quiz: ## How well do you know the cult series?


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