The Last of US 2 fans are happy about small but fine weapons

Games like The Last of US 2 are full of little things and are often characterized by attention to detail. That starts with the dialogues and animations, but does not listen to the weapons for a long time. No: In The Last of US 2, the creaking even cleansed care when Ellie or Abby modify them. This is one of the details that some fans are attracting to the launch on the years and can still provide enthusiasm.

The Last of US 2: Did you know that Ellie and Abby also cleanse their weapons?

Fans are looking forward to detail: On Reddit, a new contribution is just a new contribution that comes from an enthusiastic The Last of US 2 fan. This has noticed a very significant change as far as the weapons are concerned when modified by crafting in the game of Ellie and Abby. Namely, not only get new parts, but are also cleaned and polished.

This means that they were previously blood-smeared and simply dirty, but then really shine and are clean. For example, much better can recognize the font on the pistol, as these two direct comparison pictures show:

Not properly new: If you have played the Last of US 2 since release hundreds of hours and has played down, might be surprised because each little detail already known as your own west pocket looks. It is actually not really not a new element in the cleaning of the weapons, how many commentators. If you look closely, you can even see how Ellie and Abby wipe the weapons with a cloth.

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In particular, the crafting animations in weapons modify in The Last of US 2 have already taken place in the run-up to the publication of the Naughty Dog blockbuster for enthusiasm among the fans. The animations also simply affect extremely detailed, so much is safe.

What do you say about the small details? Has the cleaner weapon already noticed?


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