SIFU exceeds the million copies sold

SIFU has exceeded the million copies sold, only three weeks after its launch. This has been announced by the developer, SLOCLAP, in a statement that also let over other figures: more than 10 million hours have been played, in total, more than 45% of the players have exceeded the second level and more than 150,000 They have completed the game.

"We are very excited about the reception of SIFU of fans and press." He explained Pierre Tarno, executive producer of SLOCLAP. "We wanted to create an authentic experience, a game of action and kung fu to honor our favorite movies, we are very happy by all our fans around the world, and we felt especially honored by the reception that the game has had in China."


In our Sifu analysis we gave him an essential seal, and we said of him that "refined at all levels, Sifu takes the best of the soulslike, the Roguelike and of the SLOCLAP itself to offer an authentic prodigy."


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