Dual Reality Psychohoror "The Midium-Spirit

Natsuma Tarri has a double realistic psychological horror " THE MEDIUM-spirit-" PS5 for PS5, and the Normal Edition and Deluxe Edition (Download Version Only) We published information.

The First Dual Reality Horror Game! || The Medium #1 (Playthrough)

This work is a colorful psychohorroller adventure that the two worlds of the "spirit world" and the "real world" are linked simultaneously. The main character with her unique ability that can hear the voice from the spirit world Marianne , from one time, her child will be killed over and over again. She is such a prominent devastated resort "Niwa Hotel", and she will go to explore the truth of a horrible mystery in the world.

This is the characteristic of this work, linking the real world and the spiritual world, and it is a unique system called " dual reality " that can be played at the same time. Our world actions affect the other world, so you can experience deeper and story deployments. In addition, the world's view will be further expanded by the Compouser, Mr. Atsushi Yamaoka, "Silent Hill" series and "Layers of Fear" and "Observer".

The domestic version "The Medium-Spirit-" is a package version / Download version for PS5, a normal version of 8,580 yen (tax-included), and the original soundtrack of Leiko Sky, Deluxe editions that come with art books are on sale at 10,780 yen (tax included).


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