Total was: Warhammer 3 - Guide for Kislev

Total was: Warhammer 3 is a very entertaining, but also extremely complex strategy game. So that you quickly achieve success, we have already put together 10 tips for the perfect entry for you. In this guide, we now go a step further and devote ourselves in detail of the first human faction of the game: the Kislev.

In this fraction guide too totally: Warhammer 3 Learn, among other things:

  • Which advantages and disadvantages bring the Kislev Faction Manager Katarina, Konstalltyn and the free-playable Boris Ursus
  • General tips for the campaign gameplay from Kislev
  • What distinguishes the different Kislev military units and how you use them best

Kislev's leader at a glance

Tzarina Katarina

The most powerful ice hex of the old world is extremely versed in dealing with Eismagie and has its headquarters in the strongly fortified capital Kislev. Tzarina Katarina starts in the central south in the province "River Urskoy".

Factions Effects

  • Successful Hero Actions from Eisjungers Generate 10 dedication points
  • Control: +6
  • Icejungers are already starting on the third experience rank
  • At the Eishof, the training period is 2 laps shorter than other Kislev factions


Commander effects

  • Corruption: -6 in local provinces
  • Ice Watch in the army of the commander cost 50 percent less maintenance
  • 50 percent lower ground chance for control loss


The top Patriarch of the UrsUnitical faith fights on the battlefields of Total: Warhammer 3 with a lot of roar and elan. Kostaltyn starts in the southwest of the map on the coast of the province "Land of Trolls". His capital is Burg Alexandronov.

Factions effects

  • -40 points on diplomatic relationships with faction belonging to the Eishof
  • Generate successful hero actions from Patriarch units 10 dedication points
  • Rescue magic of added patriarchs are 20 percent stronger
  • Kossars, Kossovitic dervishes and archer riders receive +5 points on melee attacks and leadership

Commander effects

  • wound healing time is reduced by 2 points
  • The commander's army has access to the passive ability "rage"

Boris Ursus

This protagonist is initially not available and will not be unlocked if you rule as a catarina or Kislev, Praag and Erengaupt cities Kislev, Praag and ErengaMads and keep them in your possession for at least ten laps. Afterwards you would also have to claim you in the task slaughter in the frostfalls. After the victory in the battle Boris can then be selected as the third leader at the beginning of a Kislev campaign.

Factions effects

  • +30 points on diplomatic relationships with the ice farm
  • 50 percent reduction of construction time of garrison and religious buildings
  • To a train decreased construction time for buildings in provincial cities and settlements
  • War bear rider start with two additional testimonials

Commander effects

  • 50 percent Reduced maintenance for war bear rider
  • +7 leadership points in the fight against chaos warriors, demons of chaos and norsca (applies only to the army of Boris Ursus)
  • +9 points on melee attacks in the fight against chaos warriors, demons of chaos and norsca (only for the army of Boris Ursus)

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General tips for kislev players

collects dedication early

All Kislev factions in Total was: Warhammer 3 collect by fighting with the armies of the chaos as well as by certain buildings a resource called devotion. Sufficient devotion together, you can carry out one of four different calls via the menu item "The motherland", which will give you then ten rounds fractional advantages.

On the other hand, sack the devotion bar under a certain value, the danger rises for the sudden appearance of chaos armies in the areas of you controlled.

To prevent the latter, you should build either "shrine of orthodoxy" or a "holy forest" in each of your provinces and completely remove them completely. In addition, in the big cities of Kislev and Praag, the "left of Orthodoxy" commissioned and also leans quickly.

As soon as you have more than 200 units of dedication, you should use the motherland mechanics to carry out a suitable call depending on the game's just prevailing. In your landing, bustling fine dears are driving around? Then, for example, "Ursun" is a good choice, as this all opponents suffer wear .

Meanwhile, the calling "gate" is available before a war with another people. Because by the melee attack all of your units is increased by five percent. In addition, you will receive the powerful army capacity "anger of the bear", which increases the weapon base for whopping 50 percent. If you quickly need a financial boost, offering "Dazh", while "Salyak" increases the growth of your cities and settlements by 20 points.

Do not forget the advocate race

Shortly after the start of the game, Katarina and Kostaltyn delivered in total: Warhammer 3 a head-to-head race for advocates of their cause. Katarina represents the Eishof, Kostaltyn the great orthodoxy. If you manage to collect at least 600 advocates , then you can take a confederation with the other faction and integrate them into your kingdom.

Just to achieve this goal has great benefits and succeeds in particular when you perform regularly with the help of motherland mechanics and specifically pays attention to the conditions that secure new proponents. An example: Gets your "gate", you will receive two advocates for each discharged battle. For a proper thrust of supporters, it is therefore worthwhile to beat ten laps long after activation of the "gate" call.

If, on the other hand, many construction projects on your agenda, you are best activated "Dazh", whereupon you get a proponent for every built building. In addition, you should always keep in mind the advocates of the opponent and in case of emergency with the help of so-called "advocate actions" (can be found in the motherland menu) its proponent quantity actively reduce . It is paid either with 200 units dedication or 5,000 units of gold.

But also certain buildings generate advocates , especially the "shrine of orthodoxy". In the basic level, he assures you a proponent per round, in the third and last expansion, after all two per round.

closes alliances with the empire and the dwarfs

Diplomacy is in the Kislev campaign of Total: Warhammer 3 extremely important. Your focus should be on the agreement with other, friendly minded kislev fractions, on the other hand at Deals with the Empire in the south and the dwarf groups in the southeast.

Very helpful in this context is the technology "Imperial Relations" , to find in the middle of the Techtree segments "Kislev". Turns them as quickly as possible and you will receive a bonus of 20 points on diplomatic relationships with the empire. In order to score in the dwarfs, however, they offer trade activities of all kinds.

Very important: Military conflicts with these two fractions usually do not make sense, especially as the risk is to be involved in a multi-frond war . So pay attention to do not do things that the empire or the dwarves especially annoy.

Sets Atamae Title

Kislev players can be in total: Warhammer 3 as the only group as a sole attachment - each one per two provinces within their own kingdom. What are meant provincial managers , whose activity has a positive effect on things like income, control and growth of a province. Certain atamines also reduce corruption within a province.

But before you start an Ataman, you should check in detail Which provinces which problems have . An Ataman, which lowers corruption, to use in a province, which is not affected by corruption, for example, does not make sense.

Unit Guide for Kislev Player


  • armored Kossars: Well armored infantry that thanks to AX and pistol dominates both the near and ranged fight. Also available in a variant with two-hand weapons.
  • Tzar Wake: Expensive melee unit, which is superior to the armored corsets - except for speed - in each point and therefore particularly suitable as a front line defender. Also available in a variant with two-hand weapons.

Bullet infinity

  • Kossars: Cost-effective kislev hybrid unit, which attacks the arrow and bow from the distance, but also thanks to ax armament at the front mixed. Alternatively available as a spear variant, to counter large enemies.
  • Strottsi: Minimally slower than Kossars, strongly better armored. Her muskets require a free firing track and in particular in the fight against other units with armor. Also in melee very passable.
  • EIS WACH: Experienced hybrid unit, which does not harm (refrigating) damage both in the near and long-distance campaign and trumps Kossars and Steltsi in Puncto ranging range by 20 meters. The biggest disadvantage is unfortunately only moderate arms value. The alternative variant with Gleve is suitable for defensive enemies.

Cavalry & Officer

  • Kossovitisches Dervishes: Very fast cavalry unit with high guidance value. Profits from the intuitment, so can be placed outside the normal installation areas.
  • Wingulanes: Fear-causative shock cavalry with strong armor and shields. Ideal for flank attacks that weaken the enemy morality.
  • Griffulans: Slightly slower than wing tuples, in turn but even more powerful, better armored, equipped with noble weapons and thereby one of the best and most flexible flanking units of the Kislev.

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  • War Berry Rider: When the enemy snaps with big units, then war bears - besides snow leopards - which with distance the best counter option. In the equal comparison with snow leopards less attack strong, but more than four times so well armored.

Bullet Cavalry & Officer

  • Bow shooter: can be used on battlefields in vehrut sectors, shoot in motion and count together with the wipes to the fastest units of the kislev. Also beat in melee Wacker and are therefore ideal for abstocks.
  • Lightweight War Slide: less strongly armored than the heavy war carriage, but cheaper and faster. Thanks to solid ranged weapons and equal reach such as Kossars and Streltsi well suited for hit - & - Run tactics. Armor-penetrating ram attacks are also possible.
  • Heavy War Locks: Strongly armored floor carriage with lots of reserve munition to attack infantry from afar at full ride. Can also perform collision attacks, do not flee and cause anxiety.

Monster & Animals

  • Snow leopards: Very fast beasts that best deal with great enemies. Her saber teeth penetrate armor.

  • Element Bear: Fearful, armored creatures of magical anger spreading horror on the battlefield in its area (which is briefly fleeing those affected) and cause armor-penetrating damage. Due to the "unbearable" feature, the element bear struggles to the bitter end - escape does not matter to him.

Artillery & War Machines

  • Small grom: Armored siege artillery, which extends armor-penetrating projectiles with a high range, so that up to 503 damage causes and is afraid. Can attack city councils - towers and rambocks are not mandatory in a siege battle. But rather slow on the battlefield.

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