The Batman: The main actor would almost failed

The theatrical release of The Batman in Germany and the rest of the world is imminent. And while fears make the round that the film could turn out to be an unexpected flop, the actors currently make the round and beat for the Batman on the advertising drum. So also Batman's main actor Robert Pattinson, who now talked to GQ, caused him in the filming problems in the filming: the voice of the dark knight.

The Batman: Robert Pattinson had "voice problems"

_ "Christian Bales's voice is so iconic, the voice he has used" , so Pattinson in the interview. _ "It is almost impossible to make the [a deep voice, note]. It's really hard to artificially use such a deep voice, and then over a long time. In the movie there are many Long dialogue scenes with Batman, which is quite unique within the Batman films. To try to stay right, really deep, nevertheless convey nuances with what was said, that was just damn heavy.

I have made voice exercises without being aware that I'm doing voice exercises. I think my vocals were stronger while I made the movie. When I tried to use the voice again, I could not, she had developed back. "

Also interesting: Batman fan favorite wants to play the joker

Pattinson had great problems that now seem to implement as a mandatory depth Batman voice. In some time some time ago, the actor had expressed himself to The Batman (Buy Now) and said that people in his opinion will be "shocked" by The Batman; Even without the Joker in The Batman, which apparently does not play a role in it; Also, if there were recently other rumors.

The Batman - action

The plot of The Batman rather revolves around the Riddler (Paul Dano), which causes the still young Batman problems. Also Catwoman (played by Zoë Kravitz) will play a prominent role. As a sidebeam weight, Oswald "The Penguin" CobblePot will be seen, it will even receive its own spin-off series. Incidentally, Danny Devito recently reported to the word, which played the penguin in the early 1990s in Batman Returns: he would also like to embody the iconic figure.

Trailer to The Batman in German

Robert Pattinson Almost Got FIRED From Twilight Before The Batman starts in Germany in the cinema, you can still see the trailer for the DC superhero film. We have involved him in this news for you. Already in the past we have heard a lot to the superhero film. So it will be the longest Batman film of all time. In addition, The Batman should almost go towards Horror and become the most scary Batman movie so far.

Whether that means Batman will kill people in the movie? Robert Pattinson has already expressed. And also that it was "a nightmare" for him to hatch in old Batman costumes. The age release of The Batman is still comparatively low. In the US, the film has received a PG-13 rating, which corresponds to us in about FSK 12.

When does the batman come to the cinema?

The theatrical release of The Batman in Germany is planned for March 3, 2022. In addition, did you know that the movie originally look very different and have to have had another major actor? By the way: On The Batman 2 we will probably have to wait a while, another, extremely popular DC movie now seems to get a continuation against the original plans.

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