PS5: Please Sony, with these 12 games you would make everyone happy

Top 20 NEW PS4 & PS5 Games of 2022 [4K]

The PlayStation 5 has already delivered a few outstanding game beads since Release. We asked you which games the console still has to get so you are happy too. ## PS5: You wish these games Although the PS5 has been released for a long time, but not all the gamers they want, they also own. Instead of blowing out tribulation, we have already thought of the great time with our Facebook community and editorial staff when we all can play on the PS5. But what games should definitely come to satisfy all fans? In the lower picture range you can see the 12 ps5 dream games that may not be missing on the "Next Gen" console. Each genre, every franchise, each player type - if Sony should also implement only half of the PS5 list along with the developers, the best gambling is nothing in the way. But for the first we all have to practice something in patience.


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