Legends Pokémon Arceus: Can you decorate your house in the game? Yes, but it has trick

Do you find your house a little empty in Legends Pokémon Arceus? It is normal! History not only takes place at a time when Jubilee's inhabitants did not have all the comforts in their home, but the houses are very similar to each other.

But you are different, and you can get objects along the adventure to decorate your home. There are two ways to "decorate" your home.

Collect the pokemumca doll from your window

???? How To Get Arceus & TRUE ENDING in Pokemon Legends: Arceus! By completing the secondary mission 18 _ Make me a doll _ , which is asked by Ferro in the town, you can learn the Pokémumca pretension recipe. Ferro then will ask you to elaborate one for him to complete the mission. Once this is done, he will give you a fact with his own hands and then place it next to your bed.

Buy furniture to Ginko

To the right of the Galaxy Headquarters, in Jubilee, two Ginko merchants will have a cargo parked to sell you some cool items. The one on the right will offer you a fixed merchandise that will evolve according to your level, while the one on the left will offer you a unique object from time to time. To have new stock, you have to go to meet some missions.

Therefore, sometimes it will sell objects of evolution, berries or others, but the most important thing is that it will sell you very special machines that are actually technological machines for Rotom. Buying them all, washing machine, microwave or mower, you will get appliances that will appear in your home in Jubilee.

These are currently the only two techniques we know to improve a bit the decoration of our house. If you know others, let them in the comments. Meanwhile, you can check our full tour to get more advice and guides about games.

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