The real-time strategy game Crossfire: Legion will make its debut in the spring 2022 on Steam

Crossfire is not the only project through which Smile gate hopes to make known his flagship franchise in the Western market. The Korean giant also associated with the Prime Matter Editor and the Blackbird Interactive Studio to produce Crossfire: Legion, a real-time strategy game that will make its early access debut on Steam in the spring of 2022.

Entrusted to the studio of Home world: Deserts of Shark and Home world 3 , Crossfire: Legion promises to offer players everything they are entitled to expect from a modern RTS, knowing that early access will allow the community to have a voice. The most motivated can also register on Steam to take part in the technical test that will take place in January, even before the kickoff of early access. This test will take charge of two factions (Blacklist and Global Risk) and their respective commander and then compete on two cards in multiplayer modes in 1 against 1 or 3 against 3. Note that the addition of a 3rd faction Figure already on the roadmap communicated by developers and that these three clans will be at the center of a narrative campaign. Creative can also rely on a tool for designing cards and finding additional challenges in Steam Workshop.

The main elements of Crossfire gameplay: Legion



CROSSFIRE: Legion — Trailer


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