Survive Project Zomboid at least one more day with these 9 tips

There are many games where your goal is to survive a post-apocalyptic world, however, Project Zombie began gaining ground on the competition thanks to the great freedom offered by the player. Having a Sandbox in the palm of your hands, there are countless ways to play, and those without experience, probably appreciate a little help, at least at the beginning.

Keeping this in mind, besides the popularity that is gaining the game, we together 9 tips aimed at beginners that will allow you to reduce a little frustration of this fun but complicated video game. Even if in your first sessions you do not seem to find the course, do not despair, because Project Zombie is designed to repeat over and over again, but always teaching the player and showing a new way to enjoy it.

The MUST HAVE Trait to Survive | Project Zomboid Beginner's Guide Tips and Tricks (Build 41)

Initially, Project Zombie can look like any other title developed under the typical premise of survive to hordes of zombies, but it is your cunning, capacity and even luck, which prints a reputability as entertaining to the game. For this reason, it has become a phenomenon, reaping a lot of success on platforms as twitch, and its popularity is beginning to look, increasingly, as what the industry lived with Among US.

If you want to know more about Project Zombie, in 3DGEGOS PC we explored its dangerous post-apocalyptic world to check what has changed since the game premiered almost a decade ago.


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