"GOD OF WAR" release commemoration, STEAM "God" game 5 choices-There are various "gods" in various places from myth to God

On January 15, 2022, the PlayStation popular series new work GOD OF WAR was sold at STEAM. The debut of this work on the theme of Greek mythology is PS2, and the highly valued new work of the three popular series of popular series, which has appeared to the PC.

SHE is currently promoting PC transplantation of the title of the title that is popular with a home machine, and others, DAYS GONE and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture-Happiness Date- It has also appeared in the Steam store.

In this article, such a story is once sideways, and I will introduce various works with the theme of the God that can be purchased by STEAM.

God I want to leave home!

HADES that was a big hit in 2021 last year is a Log Like action with the son of God Hades of the underworld, and the main character of Agrees.

Development source Super giant Games is known for the music of Darren ORB in the past work BASTION and Transistor and is a wonderful artwork, and this work is also highly evaluated around the world Highly addictive work.

It is based on the same Greek mythology as GOD OF WAR, and it is a pretty maniac part, such as a wit-rich conversation content that is interested in knowing the backbone and relationship of each god. Not only game contents but also great soundtracks are also very recommended.

Guide to victory with God power

This is released in 2002, and the masterpiece RTS AGE of Empire series remake in 2014 is the first 3D titled title AGE of mythology .

It is characterized by the special ability God power, which is characterized by literally, a powerful impact on the primary god, and has become a fantasy title that sets a line with the past Stoic series work.

The series will return to historic based 3 after this work, but in 3, a card deck system based on a GD power of this work is introduced, and it has been influenced. Increase.

In addition, the single campaign of this work is also the theme of Greek mythology, and you can enjoy the magnificent story based on the mythology world.

God always watch...?


GODS WILL BE Watching released in 2014 is a point click adventure work for the survival of crew survival that was unknown on the SF world, and the unknown planet is unknown.

With the sign of the unit's captain, I will be talked about what I've reached to be distressed, but the first episode starts with the intense scene that hacking the hostage and hacking. Sometimes threaten to work to earn time, sometimes threaten to earn time, and sometimes shoot the foot. The remaining episodes also continue to develop various discrepancies in such dark developments.

In the player's ethical view or a choice that tries justice, God, which is also a title, it will be a result of only the player. In addition, God element is there? And the reader of thinking is safe (?) In this work, God's referee will be made based on the tendency to play at the time of game over.

Is it okay with such equipment?

EL Saddam Ascension of the Metatron is an action game featuring an inhale and a magnificent story of the gods who follow the angels falling from the heavens, based on the fake Enos book.

If anything, okay, no problem, this work is wonderful, but this work is a stunning that the action and the deployment of the story was expanded by the stunning and transient material al1. It is a work.

However, when I was in fact, I was attracted to the topic of PV at the time, and I was able to make a book that was completely forgotten even if it was a release date. However, I was surprised that I was able to play until ending, and I could not think from PV. If you only know the existence as a net at that time, it is recommended that you play this work once and try to feel that grandeur.

During the gods

This God game special feature, finally, it's right to introduce it, and it will be announced in 2017, and it will be the Taiwan-produced fighting game Fight of Gods that has exposed the topic of the neighborhood.

There are various gods in the world, but this work is that a magnificent match can be collected, and a magnificent match is unfolded. If you look only if you look only the letters, it is unreliable, but it is quite powerful for piling of backbone and regional characteristics, and the attraction that does not end with the topic alone is in this work.

In the beginning of the release, it was also exciting for permanent patterns and animation, but the main problems are almost eliminated, and net match has been added. In addition, the arcade version using the EXA-ARCADIA case running at game centers across the country is also operating from last November, and it also feels exciting of this work.

Let's believe in all God games that exist in the world

There are a number of works that have the theme of God, and the number of works that can be introduced is limited.

Although I could not introduce this time, the Mortal Combat series, which has also made special features, also a work with the theme of God, and the image GOD EATER series is also literally God It is a theme work. Recently, the word God is used easily in various places, but there are eight million gods in the country called Japan.

Of course, there are many funny, wonderful god games and many gods like God. Enjoy God Gee with everyone, I want to faith...... Today, we will build games on various platforms today to find the god game that will be the source.


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