VFL Wolfsburg - 1. FC Cologne 2: 3: Double modest! Effzeh shoots wolves deeper into the crisis

The famous Double Packer Anthony Modest has fallen the VFL Wolfsburg deeper into the crisis. In the 89th minute, the striker of the 1st FC Cologne met the team of coach Florian Krefeld in the heart of the heart and scored the winner for 3: 2 (1: 1).

The VFL, who led twice, has now lost six mandatory games in series — and on Friday the duel is waiting for Bayern at the autumn champion FC Bayern.

The early lead by Lukas Mecca (8.) did not bring the VFL to the home victory. With his ninth goal of the season, FC-Googäger's modes tests in the 34th minute of compensation. The renewed VFL guidance by Out Warehouse (51.) compared to the 74 seconds previously substituted Mark Utah (73.), before modest decisively closed.

The seats caught the better start, even after two minutes Felix Mecca tested, for the first time at the side of his brother Lukas in the starting formation, with a shot from the penalty area FC goalkeeper Marvin Schwab. Birthday Kind Lukas, who was 23 years old on Tuesday, made it better a short time later and pushed a cross of Ride Baku over the line.

The Cologne team of Coach Steffen Rampart needed a scarce quarter of an hour to recover from this residue. Now the attacks became more purposeful, in the deserved compensation, however, the Lower Saxony helped with. Baku deflected the ball on the baseline, modest then dusted by head.

In the detention time, the posts saved in a header of Time Hubert against the already beaten VFL goalkeeper Keen Castles. Krefeld trudged furiously brewed by his coaching zone, the 39-year-old was more than annoyed over this patter.

But six minutes after the rest, his facial features relaxed again. Defrost, most recently in the north Germans in the criticism, was successful with a flat shot after a counterattack.

But really security did not give the seats this leadership. Cologne walled morning air and strengthened the attack efforts. The VFL now had little to oppose in the offensive, especially since Lukas Mecca had to be replaced after 65 minutes for problems on the right ankle joint.


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