Ubisoft introduces NFT microtransaktions at Ghost Recon - Protest

Ubisoft is the first big publisher in the West, which sets the controversy, new technology NFT. They introduce it as a microtransaction in their shooter Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The NFT should be collective objects with an engraved series number that can also be sold.

Ubisoft Quartz: Announce Trailer | Playable NFTs! This is the plan of Ubisoft :

Quartz is supposed to be the own platform for NFT at Ubisoft, who wants to introduce Ubisoft 'unique items' into its AAA games. The NFT technology serves to transform the items into limited, digital objects that are certified genuine and thus have a certain collection value. The first game that puts on this technique is Ghost Recon Breakpoint : a shooter that flopped pretty badly to release 2019, where Ubisoft has been working on since then In the game, the NFTs should function as digits — these are digital objects. The special GAG: The items are not bound to the player's inventory, but tradable.

How do the new NFT items work in the game? In a trailer Ubisoft introduces the idea how Digits work in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

In principle, they are the further development of normal cosmetic items that you get in the cash shop. Ubisoft emphasizes that the items will not affect the gameplay.

The special feature of the NFT items is that you come with an engraved serial number that you can see from the outside. In addition, the items should be sold, and the items should have a digital history that show who obsessed them.

Ubisoft says: That's just the beginning.

When are the items exactly? First, three items for Ghost Recon Breakpoint are planned, which will come on 9th, 12th and 15th of December. You have to play Ghost Recon Breakpoint via Ubisoft Connect on Windows, Level 5 have reached and be at least 18 years old.

The offer is currently only valid for the US, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Australia, Brazil and actually also for Germany. This is not possible in the United Kingdom.

Ubisoft says their technique is energy-efficient

That says Ubisoft to the criticism that will certainly come: As the main argument against NFT, the enormous high burden on the environment is often called, because NFTs are considered huge energy-eaters and thus as an environmental insight.

The criticism has predicted Ubisoft and explains that the technique used is energy-efficient. Because one uses a technique that is less efficient than bitcoin or Ethereum. It is set to Bezos.

A transaction in your network consumes the same energy for 30 seconds to stream a video, while the earlier generation of blockchain networks could consume energy that you need to stream a year without break, says the Technic boss of the Blockchain at Ubisoft.

What does Ubisoft say what's so great because of it? Ubisoft sees something in promotional speech in the topic:

Digits are high-quality in game collective objects with an active utility value. As playable cosmetic items, digits give players the opportunity to personalize their experience and to complete missions with style.


The day at which Ubisoft decided to be completely evil

What is the reaction? The US video to the action has 782 Likes calls over 105,000. YouTube has not made the Dislike option visible.

But a user says: About a plug-in he can still see the thumbs down and there are already over 13,000 dislikes.

The comments are negative at any rate:

That's the day when Ubisoft decided to be completely evil. I do not have to see the dislikes anymore, I can feel her. Imagine that Ubisoft really thoughts about developing games that people like, instead of just try to print infinitely money. For me this is just a signal that you are trying to milk any cents from the brand Ghost Recon while only investing minimal use in the games themselves.

A step too much

Parts of the US Press react allergic to the topic NFT. So writes the page Kodak: Ubisoft is the first big publisher who spit his games with NFTs.

PC Gamer sounds a bit more consistent. You only write: Ubisoft starts to sell NFTs in the form of helmets with tiny numbers.

On Reddit there is a first thread entitled does not support quartz, the new NFT-Ubisoft marketplace. The thread has already over 11,100 up votes and is a flaming player that is customer-hostile technology. One fears, soon all good cosmetics are only NFT — only who can afford it can have cool things.

The technology would cause more and more resources to flow in Cosmetics and no longer in the quality of games. For years, the gaming industry has worked with Loot boxes and microtransactions. NFTs are one step too far. We have dealt with the topic of NFT on Memo: NFT is 2021 the new trend in the gaming, companies are worth billions — but why?


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