Slitterhead: New Horror Game of Silent Hill

SLITTERHEAD - New Horror Game By Silent Hill Original Creator [4K Upscaled] | (The Game Awards 2021) Xbox Game Studios (formerly Microsoft Studios as well as Microsoft Game Studios) is a department of Microsoft Firm, which creates and also releases computer game for computers based on Windows operating systems, Xbox video consoles and also formerly on running systems for Windows Phone smart devices. They set out in 2001 as Microsoft Game Studios to accompany the launch of the Xbox, before being relabelled in 2011 as Microsoft Studios as well as in 2019 as Xbox Game Studios. The division of Microsoft establishes as well as publishes games combined with first and third development studies, under its editorial seal. On September 21, 2020, Microsoft got the company ANIMAL standard by 7.5 billion bucks, being within the computer game market the biggest agreement of the last 5 years.

All too much about the story of Slitter head is not known yet. The trailer indicates what awaits you. The game happened therefore seemingly in an Asian city, in whose narrow streets some mutants and monsters do their impaired. Even at first glance pretty girl turns out very quickly as deadly creatures, which sometimes has something to disturb. On the basis of shadows are also insect-like structures to recognize, Machine Obama and his team make their bizarre fantasies of the free run.

Incidentally, the scenes in the trailer are deposited by the soundtrack of a well-known composer to know the horror game fans certainly know. It is around the Japanese Akira Bazooka, who already had his musical fingers in the game at Silent Hill.

The Machine Toyama-led developer studio Both Game Studios has been working on Slitter head for some time, but so far no concrete release date is fixed. According to current information, with a publication before 2023 is definitely not to be expected, the next year the fans can beat the head in this regard.

The primary development platform is according to Obama the PC, for which Slitter head will therefore appear in any case. However, the team strives for publication on so many console platforms as possible. It is therefore relatively likely that the horror game will be available sooner or later for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X / S.

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